Discover the latest in beautiful gifts and homewares that will leave you feeling full of joy and with a spring in your step! While most of our goodies are online, you will find a few of our favourites on consignment in the Brookfield General Store in Brisbane’s leafy west. No matter where you shop, we are here to help you find the perfect piece for your home or wardrobe.

Lovers of animal print, elegant patterns and vibrant colours will fit right in with Gift&Ware. Whilst we are starting small, we have a dream to be one of the leading gift stores in Brisbane, with a little something for a lot of everything.

Our Gift Finder is one magical tool, guiding you in revealing the perfect present for your loved one. Organise our products with our custom filters to narrow down to a selection of gifts that makes you go “aha!” Now your only challenge is choosing between all the options!


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